Value added services

Pre and post machining survey

Pre machining survey and post machining survey are the most essential part of Insitu / Onsite machining. Coren always prefer to show the machining results of critical components by carrying out pre/post machining survey using appropriate surveying instruments. Selection of right instrument and the procedure of carrying the survey is as important as carrying out the rest of the activities.

Hence Coren is proud to add pre/post machining as an value added services to their existing services

Coren uses the following world’s leading brands in their own surveying technology, as the value added services. However it is not obligatory to the clients to use Coren's value added services if the same or available with the client.

Optical Alignment Telescope

     For In line Boring application
     For Alignment of Boring Bars
     Compatible to Boring Bars with inbuilt cross wire targets

Leveling laser alignment system

     For Leveling large planes
     For 3 axis milling application
     For alignment of machine beds
     For measurement of straightness of flatness

Worlds most trusted source for 3D measurement technology

     For 3D measurement of most complex machining structures.
     Helps to set up the machining equipment based on the imaginary references.
     Ideal for surveying large components and portability of surgery data.