Coren's boring bar

Coren's boring bar CLBM1200 is a high end boring machine used for machining long bores and also where the bore to bore distance is very long.

State of art design

CLBM1200 is technically superior boring machine by means of features and the machining range. This machine covers the diameter 250mm to 1200mm. It also accommodates the facing attachment to machine the bore flanges and grooves.


- Hollow bar with preset targets

- Boring length can be extended by joining two bars

- Compatible with optical telescope for aligning

- Electrical axial feed for precision movement of the tool

Robust Construction

CLBM1200 is constructed for heavy duty applications and still easy for handling. CLBM1200 is driven by hydraulic motor for efficient material removal.

Versatile setups

CLBM1200 can be mounted in horizontal, vertical and inclined positions on different line boring applications. The end mount bearing with brackets are designed for quick mounting and the rotational drive unit can be mounted anywhere along the length of the bar.

Various applications.

CLBM1200 has its usage in various industries like power, steel, shipbuilding, heavy engineering etc., covering wide range of applications like turbines, stern tube, rudder horn, hot strip mill, crane pedestals, slew bearing bores etc.