Technical specification

Model -- CHPU1010/CHPU1015/CHPU1025.

Hi Torque
5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 25HP

Oil Cooler
Standard / heavy duty

Oil Capacity
50 Ltr, 100 Ltr, 125 Ltr, 150Ltr.

With / without hand pendant

Input power
Three Phase

CHPU1010 / CHPU1015 / CHPU1025

Coren's Hydraulic Power unit

Coren's Hydraulic Power unit CHPU1025 is used as source of power to drive any hydraulic motors. Coren uses its own hydraulic power unit exclusively to drive its own portable onsite machines.

State of art design

CHPU1025 Is designed to suit various power out puts required for range of coren's portable onsite machines. CHPU1025 has a range based on the power output from 10HP to 25HP.

Robust construction

CHPU1025 is constructed on a heavy duty steel frame to withstand any types of handling and any operational vibration.