Technical specification

Model -- CCMM 14000 .

Machining Diameter - Min
3000 mm (with short rotating beams)

Machining Diameter - Max
14000 mm (with extended rotating beams)

Mounting Diameter - Min
2200 mm

Mounting Diameter - Min

Mounting options

Cutting Tool

Quill type
ISO 50

Cutter Diameter -
125 - 500 mm

Cutter Spindle Drive
Hydraulic / Electric

Mill Rotational Drive


Coren's circular milling machine

Coren's circular milling machine CCMM14000 is a portable equipment used for onsite machining of flanges with high tolerance and good surface finish.

State of art design.

CCMM14000 is designed to accommodate on wide range of flange machining applications with flange diameters from 2200mm to 14000mm.

Robust Construction

CCMM14000 is constructed to accommodate on all heavy duty application and still easy for handling. The equipment's circular bed is provided with 8 spiders with jacking mechanism to hold on to the job to be machined. The feed motor provided on the equipment gives a very smooth circular movement. CCMM14000 is driven by hydraulic motor with hydraulic power unit or by electric motor.

Versatile setups

CCMM14000 can be mounted in horizontal position on different flange machining applications. It can be extended up to 14000mm diameter by extending the rotating beams length.

Various applications

CCMM14000 has its usage in various industries like, mining, power, steel, shipbuilding, heavy engineering etc., covering wide range of applications like, BWE's slew bearing platform, hydro turbines, wind mill flanges, ship's gun mounting flanges, valves, crane pedestals etc.,